Dhakal Bandhu,s History

Dhakal (ढकाल) is one of the most common Brahmin last names found in Nepal. The Dhakals are believed to be the direct descendents of Rishi or sage Upamanyu, who is in turn believed to be descended from RishiVasishta. They are believed to have originated from a place called Dhapuk in the Achham District of mid-western Nepal. Yaku {Bhojpur} is known as the birtplace of Dhakal; Sudap-Terathum and Panchamul,newabot-Syangja is also a famous place from which many Dhakals have emerged. Damak Jhapa, Morang Pathari, Sikaicha Taplejung, Birtamod Jhapa ,panchthar, Ilam , Kavre also plenty of house and their population have detected.


The most common religion of people with this surname is Hinduism. Gotra- Upamanyu

Culture of Dhakal Bandhus

The culture is a part the traditional Nepali-Hinduism Brahmin culture.

Notable people

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